I made three purchases from EBay the other day. My bank had fourteen charges to EBay. EBay informed me that the tariffs to China and other places had to be paid... by me.

I knew we were going to have to pay for those trade tariffs, but the charges were so blatant they knew I would have to call and find out why.

Yes. Americans are paying the tariffs for anything that comes from overseas. Did we really believe that China, Mexico, or France would suffer the consequences for those Trade Deals?

Like the wall that we are paying for with less benefits for everyone except the rich and powerful. I don’t know how many more Great Deals we can afford. My suffering starts at Wallyworld with higher prices on everything in the store. Even the pharmacy has raised their prices, although I don’t think they are getting my drugs overseas.

So, when those higher tariffs go into effect, you and I will be paying the price of Greatness. I hope your raise covers this; I didn’t get one.

There will not be a line for tariffs on your 1040. And a tip: if they lower the taxes coming out of your check, on April 15 you will be owing that much more.

It ain’t free, or great.

Linda Johnson