Earlier this year, I received a gift and gave a gift. 

The gift I received was later asked back by the giver.  She decided she had rather sell the items. I was surprised by the call to return the items. I had never had anyone to give me something and then to ask for it back. 

The “gift” was a bag with a blouse and a sweater that the giver could no longer wear and the necklace was no longer fashionable. After pondering the request for the return, I later returned  the “gifts,” by mail. The items would never bring me joy.

But before what  would have been called an “Indian Giver” incident,  my church was giving away their church pews and replacing them with chairs.

We took a few pews. They were small modern pews the size of a settee. No one wanted them, until they discovered that I wanted them to use on the sides of my farm table.

“Oh what a great idea,” they said.

synonymous with Christ. 

The Gift of Christ came from God. God’s Gift of Love is something that can’t be given back or taken back, only rejected. 

Rejection hurts, doesn’t it? So this Christmas when you give a gift, ask yourself, “Am I giving this gift out of love or out of obligation?” If it is out of obligation, then you might want to reconsider. 

It is better to give nothing and be loving than to be loveless and begrudge your gift.

Joy Willow