In response to the recent uninformed Democrat voter from the October 14 issue requesting that republicans split the vote and vote for Doug Jones, I would like to summarize some of her points. First, she insinuated that people would have to move out of state if we voted for Tuberville and that a vote for a Democrat would help. The fact is that people are moving out of the Democrat-controlled cities in droves and moving to Republican run states including Alabama.  Why? Primarily because of the terrible conditions that the Democrat leaders have provided for them. They demand extremely high taxes, terrible social programs, and allow crime to run rampant.  By the way new residents, don’t bring your big city God-hating ideas with you. 

Democrat ideas didn’t work there and they will not work here. Higher taxes never help the poor or lower/fixed income citizens. Big Government (Democrats) is like a tub with a big hole in the bottom. More money will never fill the tub, but it will only make you poorer. Higher Government required minimum wages - above what business can afford - will never work for the lower income worker. The higher the requirement, the fewer workers they will have and the higher their prices will have to be for everyone. This is not rocket science, but only basic economics.  I wonder where she came up with the $11.27 per hour? Why not $15.00 like some have suggested?  I noticed that McDonalds was running an ad in this paper for help at $9.00/hour. That is above minimum wage and market demand in action. It’s all about jobs and a strong economy that works for all.  

I have communicated several times with Doug Jones about issues that were important to me. He always replied with the typical Democrat rhetoric and ended up voting the straight Democrat line as required by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. This is very important so ask yourself if you really want Open Borders, Big Government, legalized Abortion (murder), weak families, Defunded Police, Government corruption, Globalism, poor trade agreements, guns outlawed, and personal freedoms abolished? 

Most of all do you want God to be outlawed with sexual perversion everywhere? If you do then go ahead and vote for Doug Jones and the Democrats. I choose to vote for Freedom, Justice, Strong Families, Traditional Christian Values and for Tommy Tuberville and Donald J. Trump.  

Les Taylor