After the past week of bloviation about President Trump and the new communist/facist/racist/islamic wing of the Democratic Party, I have come to the realization that I have been lying to myself and to others for my entire life. I am a man of color. It never really dawned on me, because I fell prey to the label of others. All of my life I have had friends tell me how they wished their skin color was like mine. In fact, they often stop me and hold out their arms comparing their skin to mine. It never dawned on me that I was special, but, apparently, I am. Since I am a man of “color”, I can’t in good conscience fill out any more forms and accept the designation of “white”.

How can a person be a color anyway? Each individual is his own person with physical, emotional and spiritual traits and character. How can we continue to identify people as a color in a supposedly intellectual world? How trivial “color” truly is, yet we have let our enemies drive a wedge between us that we as a nation removed before I was even born. How pathetic for a nation that calls herself trusting in God. We know better. All my life I have been discriminated against because of my “color”, or more accurately because my color wasn’t what some people thought it should be. I’ve been passed by for scholarships, job interviews, career positions, loan opportunities, and the list goes on, but I don’t hate anyone for that. I don’t take to the streets to protest my rights as a person of “color”. Instead, I put my head down and work my tail off and put my trust in God. My life is too short to waste it on the Democratic rhetoric about “color”.

Show me what this squad of “color” has done for the people they represent. Nothing is what they’ve done. They should be putting their heads down and working their tails off for their congressional districts rather than taunting a President who needs them to fund a fix to the border crisis, make cuts to address the debt crisis, and show examples of character to the next generation rather than showing what a perpetual victim looks like. It’s time we as a people stop worrying about ourselves and how “horrible” we have it. We live in the best place on Earth, at least for the moment. So much so, that hundreds of thousands are flooding over our borders right now just to be able to eat, sleep and work in freedom (or to be able to steal, rob and pillage in freedom depending on the circumstances). These people (read, “the Squad”) need some global perspective before it is too late.

Jason Howton