Lauderdale County, we have a problem! Our community remains under attack by a mutating virus and our School System is on the wrong side of science.

Were this due to ignorance of our Board of Education members or our Superintendent, Jerry Hill, we might find hope in Education. Unfortunately, the problem seems more malignant. These elected leaders are either cowardly caving to the intimidation they and other system employees have described or more sadly, they are playing “good ole boy” politics, all to the detriment of our schools and community.

We are encouraged to go through proper channels with concerns. However, if you are considered a dissident in this matter, desiring to discuss advised and ignored mitigating measures, there are only brick walls. Board of Education members will not respond to numerous emails and the superintendent outright refuses numerous requests to meet with him. They are careful to keep these matters off Board of Education meeting agendas in order to deny unwanted community input.

There is another problem in Lauderdale County. That problem is apathy. Politicians can only get by with ignoring facts if we allow it. Their power comes from us. Why are we empowering them to play politics with the health and safety of our community?

Rebecca Ferguson