Alabama has had our share of corruption in politics. However, the way this gas tax was rammed through may be a record. Almost every major lobbying group in Montgomery was for it. Our State Representatives are bought and paid for by them.

A Special Session was called by Governor Ivey, and both the House and Senate complied. They proceeded to steam roll it through in under a week, so fast that most people had no idea what the bill really said. This was planned by both Houses and Governor Ivey. She said, “All the freshmen who ran for House and Senate were indeed briefed on the need for an infrastructure bill well before they were elected,” Ivey said. “And they were vetted by the House and Senate leadership. If they were not for increasing the gas tax for infrastructure, they were not encouraged to run.” Vetting should be the voters’ job, not Speaker Mac McCutcheon’s, or Senate Pro Temp Del Marsh’s. The will of the people has been directly thwarted by those we elected.

The only people this gas tax may be good for are big business highway contractors or dredgers of Mobile Bay. It is not good for working Alabamians. Fifty percent of the money coming to the counties is required to be spent with contractors that are required to be submitted by the Association of County Engineers. The plot deepens because this bill also requires the state to pay county engineers out of state funds. The corrupt state wanted to pay the county engineers to gain their allegiance and influence. They know they belong to the Association of County Engineers who help pick the corporate contractors that this bill says the counties must use. These contractors fund the lobbyists in Montgomery. If you follow the money and control, it is all circular. More power and control is ending up in Montgomery instead of in our counties where it should be.

This is not just a ten-cent gas increase. It’s completely open ended. In theory you could call it a 100 times increase. It gives bureaucrats the ability to raise the gas tax 1 cent every two years. It also gives them the ability to raise your license taxes and registration fee $3 every 4 years. Not one of Limestone County’s Legislators stood for us and voted against this forever increasing tax.

Jack Hall