There is a certain irony in the fact that the socialist Democrats are calling for a tax on the rich, especially since they are rich.  The only difference between them and many other rich people is that they became rich while serving in political office.  They have served themselves very well.  This idea of enriching yourself by getting elected is not something new.

Lyndon Johnson was a school teacher until he found out how lucrative serving in political office could be. As a result of his political connections Johnson and his family became very rich.

Elizabeth Warren (who claimed Indian heritage in order to further her political ambitions) and her husband are also multi-millionaires.

Bernie Sanders also became a millionaire during his 40 years in political office.

The Obama’s who were originally communists and members of Rev. Williams Communist-oriented hate-America church became multi-millionaires while supposedly serving the public.  They are now capitalists buying properties from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

Joe Biden also became rich while serving in public office and over the years used his position to enrich himself and his son in their dealings with China and the Ukraine.

Probably the most corrupt couple in American history were the Clintons. They may have started out to do good, but quickly found out how they could enrich themselves using their positions in political office.  On their rise to national prominence they left a trail of destroyed and lost records and several unexplained deaths of former associates.  Their corruption on the national scene must have made the mafia envious.  They even tried to steal some of the White House furniture on their way out.

But the epitome of corruption came when Hillary became Secretary of State.  She would travel to foreign countries and announce the release of millions of dollars in American aid.  Bill would follow and give a speech and come back with a million or more which was laundered through a Canadian bank.  That way they did not have to reveal the source.  From the Canadian bank it would be transferred to The Clinton Foundation Charity which was actually a giant slush fund, funding the lavish lifestyle of the Clintons and their friends and supporters.  

We were fortunate that she was defeated in the Presidential election, by the “basket of deplorables” or their corruption would have taken over the government completely.  

Trump’s election saved the middle class working people of America, at least temporarily.  Whether the working middle class can survive the socialist democrats is still a question. If it doesn’t, then America will end up with two classes of people, the rich and politically employed, and the rest of us.

Norman L. Kramer