The UNA Board of Trustees recently approved a 4.1% tuition increase for the coming school year.

If a student is taking 15 credit hours, the cost includes tuition of $4,325 plus fees of $1,030 for a total of $5,355. This is for one semester. Normally, eight semesters (four years) are required for a student to graduate. Therefore, for a student to graduate, it will cost $42,840 (Eight times $5,335) in tuition and fees. Please note that this charge does not include books, supplies, dorm rent, off campus living, food, gas, new clothes and having fun funds.

Tuition has increased each year for the past several years at UNA. Therefore, tuition will probably increase over the current level.

Also, last year UNA changed its tuition structure. If a student is taking 12 to 18 credit hours, the charge is for 15 credit hours. This hurts the student who in addition to going to school has a part time job and does not have the time for 15 credit hours and is taking 12 credit hours. It helps the student who does not need to work during school days and has the time for 18 credit hours.

Bill Smoak