Recently, I went to pick up an order at Cracker Barrel and several people were smoking on the porch.  This defeats the purpose of a mask and social distancing.

Mothers with small children without masks were waiting to be seated, as were a lot of older people. 

Masks are mandatory in public areas.  However,  many smokers are smoking without their masks while waiting outside restaurants to pick up orders or to be seated.  Unless the rules have changed, the distance from smoking at the entrance to a restaurant is 30 feet.  That, too, is not being observed. 

A lot of people,  including myself, are allergic to cigarette smoke.

Smoking is every smoker’s right, but it is also the right of the nonsmoker  to  breath without inhaling the 400 carcinogens that have been expelled through the smokers’ lungs, especially during a contagious  respiratory crisis.

Alternatives to smoking while waiting outside a restaurant are: 1).Nicorette gum; 2). Smoking in your car with the windows rolled up; 3). Smoking at home before you leave for the restaurant; 4).Chewing gum or tobacco; 5).Dipping.

Everyone has to eat, but only 

the people who are truly addicted to cigarettes have to smoke while  waiting.

All I am asking smokers to do is to consider refraining from smoking while waiting to be seated or picking up a restaurant order.

Things are stressful enough already, and not smoking while waiting at the door, not only is a law, it’s a common courtesy.

Smokers and restaurant owners, thank you in advance for your consideration and  awareness regarding this health issue for nonsmokers.

Joy Willow