When I sat down to write this, I intended to write about Lady Liberty and her departure from the land that took her in.  I thought I would expound on the Law of Liberty (James 1:25, James 2:12), as key to maintaining our freedom, the foundation of which is slowly eroding.  But, let’s be real, most people would just yawn in today’s world.

The fact of the matter is our nation is full of violence driven by a hatred of what is good and right.  Murder has become commonplace in the larger cities held for decades by leaders that no longer understand or value what this nation was built upon.  I thank God this is not the norm in the state of Alabama, but how long can we hold it off if we are not teaching the next generation the critical fundamentals that hold people together?

Those who want to destroy this nation so they can rule the world and hold ultimate power over all the earth - not just their native land - know this nation must be divided from within in order for them to conquer it.  They will use anything and everything at their disposal to divide us.  

Our issues have never been about skin color.  Partiality has divided this world from the beginning.  If it wasn’t skin color, it would be something else.  Slavery has existed from the beginning of evil men, and it continues today around the world.  It is really amazing that the Western World cast it off.  Slavery has always been horrific, and the devastation it leaves in its wake is horrific, but the murder of our children is every bit as horrific as slavery.

In order for the citizens of the United States of America to turn the tide of Communism, it will require a change of heart within each individual.  

The willingness to forgive people who lived almost two centuries ago will be key to our escape from the bondage of partiality.  Holding the present day authorities who have created our current climate of insanity responsible for what they have done is key to ending the progress of destruction.  However, being honest with ourselves about where we come from and making our lives right before our Creator, will lead to a redemption of the grand experiment.  If hate wins the day, we all lose.

Jason Howton