I had to chuckle after reading Diane Tidwell’s “Tommy’s Platitudes” letter in the October 14 issue. You believe Tommy has nothing but platitudes; maybe so. I’m sure they will change after assimilating with congress anyway. Isn’t that what candidates do, promise the world and send you the bill?

If you believe Doug Jones works for solutions, I disagree. All of Doug Jones’s ideas are predicated by Pelosi and Schumer. He votes as told, plain and simple. Any positive position for the nation on a bill he voted for is either because the bill is a shoe-in or doesn’t have a chance. His promises, in essence, are also platitudes because he is a yes man.

If you believe, flag burning, religious freedom, and gun rights are a non-issue because they are covered by laws, then maybe you should tell that to the democrats. Their position is to get rid of all three – isn’t it covered by laws?

If you also believe democrats work for the residents, look at Nancy Pelosi’s and Maxine Waters’ mansions outside the rioting and slums of their represented areas. Dougy is a lap dog, don’t be so naïve.

Lastly, let me ask if you voted for Hillary for president? She moved to New York just before running for the senate. Did that “show loyalty?”

Cut the crap and vote for defeating the deep state. Your chances of having a representative government are far better.

Bob Seaman