I’m not sure who writes the bullet points for the Dems and POTUS, but ironically they all use the very same words and phrases. It’s maddening. Is it Biden’s word, which they all use, for the day?

It’s like an email goes out before breakfast and it lists the buzz word(s) for the day or week, like “the border is closed” and oddly enough most of the news media copy and use the same words. Since they all say the border is closed, well, the Texas governor should close the border just to keep them honest. So, if they say it’s closed, then so be it. 

What’s to benefit Biden and Dems by having a policy of not arresting or detaining illegals (1.5 million plus 124,000 Afghans; 12,000 plus Haitians and probably another two to three hundred thousand illegals who have crossed but didn’t get caught) crossing into America, you ask? They have been and still are being disbursed strategically across the country to change the redistricting of some specific locations they targeted in hopes of gaining additional seats not to mention voter influence for the future.

Also, what a joke with the FBI being directed to prosecute Moms and Dads who get upset and lambaste a school board member. A “terrorist” no less. Nationally, there has only been one arrest and charge of battery of a parent attending a school board meeting. Does this justify FBI involvement? Remember, we must stand to protect our 1st amendment rights.

Bill Jones

Loma Linda, CA