Once again, some Alabama representatives are engaging in a hopeless cause – this time to overturn the national election results on January 6 to give the dishonest and destructive Donald Trump another term. 

This effort is futile but also dangerous.  It undermines democracy and helps fuel divisiveness at a time the country needs to come together to address pressing immediate and longer-term problems.

Moreover, this quixotic quest by Mo Brooks and cohort could weaken Alabama’s competitive position with the Biden administration when decisions are made to award infrastructure, clean energy, and defense projects and contracts. 

Joe Biden is not vindictive and petty like Trump (as demonstrated by his treatment of Jeff Sessions).  But if you were Joe Biden, how much consideration would you give to an Alabama delegation with the likes of Mo Brooks when they try to make a case, for example, for Huntsville as a sight of new military facilities.  Prospects are also not helped by the state’s rejection of the effective Senator Doug Jones, for the incompetent Trump-tied Tommy Tuberville.

It is a shame that so many Alabama politicians at the state and federal level do not seem to have the people’s and country’s best interests at heart.  It is our fault if we do not let them know that - and hold them accountable.

Dan Waterman