The U.S. Senate voted on June 19 to confirm Matthew Kacsmaryk as US District Judge for the Northern District of Texas-- a lifetime appointment. The good news -- which to the liberals is bad news -- is that Kacsmaryk is not a champion of special rights for LGBTQ people.

Republican liberal Susan Collins opposed the nomination, but the final vote was 52 to 46. According to Kelly Shackelford, president, CEO and General Counsel for first liberty Institute, “Kacsmaryk’s confirmation is further evidence that presidential appointees who strictly adhere to the text of the Constitution and the founders’ original intent for our most fundamental freedoms, including religious liberty, can and will be confirmed by this U.S. Senate.”

In my opinion, parents who encourage and affirm their child’s confusion concerning their gender, although well-meaning, are guilty of child abuse.

Euell White