Another rainy spring day in NW Alabama as we sit at an intersection in on Cox Creek Parkway waiting for a left turn arrow even when there is no oncoming traffic, I contemplate the reasoning of traffic control in the Shoals. The logic behind having to wait through the sequence of the traffic signals escapes me.

With gas prices escalating and sitting in the left turn lane with no oncoming traffic, I beg for an explanation. It is obvious ALDOT cannot be basing it on traffic flow, because the traffic signal at the next intersection in front of the mall has blocked the traffic flow. It can’t be based on traffic count as none of these intersections have a traffic count equal to that in large metropolitan areas.

For example, in McAllen, Texas, St. Louis County, Missouri, etc., intersections which have a count of over 50,000 vehicles daily (nowhere in Florence is the count anywhere near that), you can turn left on the flashing yellow signal. Even in Huntsville on Governor’s Drive access to the Hospital complex is facilitated by flashing yellow lights in the left turn lanes. Perhaps, with the additional influx of cash from the increase of gas taxes, AL DOT will update local traffic signals. Don’t anyone hold their breath as it seems it is more about control rather than flow.

John Lee