Let’s face facts. Joe Biden is a caricature of what our President should be.  Trying to make Joe look presidential must be very taxing. His mental confusion is alarming, he cannot speak in compound sentences without losing his train of thought. It is a tradition that Presidents answer impromptu questions, but if Biden is asked a tough question he just walks away.              

The mainstream media is a great enabler that controls the minds of the weak as Biden continues to blame others for his misguided failures, like stopping the positives of what Trump was doing for America and the way he exited Afghanistan.

Biden’s role is strictly ceremonial; he is a puppet, echoing what his advisors tell him to say. If you believe 3.5 trillion will cost us 0, then you are as dumb as Biden. Joe is old, and he has his dream job.  Why should he care if more blue voters enter this country illegally?

Dementia is a progressive disease and bad news for one already mentally incapacitated. He is clearly in over his head and doesn’t have the mental capacity for the job. If he is disqualified, his V P, who is surely unqualified, takes over. My God!!! Our Ship of State is now rudderless, steered only by a mentally defective president and a democratically friendly media. Why Biden when there are many democrats who ARE qualified?  Was it his due? If I was Biden’s advisor, I would call assisted living and tell them to get their 10-piece puzzle ready.

Alfred Farris 

Muscle Shoals