Dear Editor:

The Constitution treats impeachment as a combination of judicial and political procedures. Unfortunately, the impeachment process has been heavily tilted toward partisan politics at the expense of justice.

If the investigation were being carried out by a grand jury, testimony would be kept secret. Some may recall that Woodward and Bernstein had to rely on the mercy of the court to escape being charged with a crime when they attempted to penetrate grand jury secrecy.

The secret testimony before the House committee has been selectively (and quite possibly inaccurately) leaked to put the President in the worst possible light. Meanwhile, anything that might exonerate the President remains strictly confidential. It is obvious that the leaker’s purpose is to prejudice public opinion against the President to form a firm impression of guilt that may resist change when all the evidence is available.

If the full transcript of these secret hearings is finally released, it will be the duty of the media to point out all the exonerating statements that have been suppressed so far. Fairness demands that they not become accomplices in the plot to remove an innocent president for partisan and ideological reasons.

Peter J. Thomas, Chair

The Conservative Caucus

Warrenton, VA