I am writing in response to the absolutely false claim by Linda Johnson (“He is No Gentleman” 10/13/21) about Lee Greenwood criticizing Florence. That is an absolute lie.

My husband was his tour manager and not a band member, which is her second false claim.   He worked for Lee Greenwood for 20 years.  

Lee loved coming here to visit and attended our church.  He played softball and basketball when he visited.  He was the Grand Marshall of the Florence Christmas parade one year.   He surprised my daughter’s 2nd grade PTO parents by coming and walking out on the stage to surprise everyone with the final song, God Bless the USA!  Lee performed at the Division II Championship Game halftime and never received any payment for any of it.

He has spent many days here.  We lived in Oak Hills and he would have his driver stop at our house if he was close by to have a home-cooked meal.  

He loved eating at Big Mike’s and numerous other restaurants in town.

We know how Lee felt about Florence and your recent fabrication is just wrong.  We just celebrated his 40 years in country music in Huntsville where he worked to help two veterans receive homes.  He loves Alabama so much that he selected Huntsville as his venue for that show.  

Lee Greenwood is a true patriot and he has done numerous USO tours.  He loves the military, and he works tirelessly to help in any way.

I know personally how he feels about Florence, Alabama. He loved coming here!  I just needed to set the record straight.

Anyone who “cringes” while listening to  God Bless the USA clearly isn’t a patriot!

Kathy Ingle

Gold Canyon, AZ 

formerly of Florence