In a recent Conservative Review article, Dr Tom Borelli warns that medieval diseases are spreading in California due to the lack of immigration control.

Why is this a concern for we who live in Alabama? The answer is in the word “spreading.” Borelli points out that the twisted priorities of Democrat political leadership are creating a dangerous environment for the residents of the Golden State. He points out that while the top priority of both the Governor of California and the mayor of Los Angeles is climate change, the streets of California’s cities are filled with homeless camps, garbage, and disease-spreading rats.

The doctor warns that Los Angeles is facing an infectious disease epidemic caused by flea-borne disease linked to rat-infested streets. This include an outbreak of flea-borne typhus in the homeless population in downtown Los Angeles. The California Department of Health reported a new record of 124 cases of typhus in Los Angeles County in 2018.

In addition to the typhus, there have been cases of typhoid fever according to Doctor Borrelli. He points out that the mayor joined the Green New Deal parade while disease-carrying rats are running the streets, and the number of homeless in the city of Los Angeles is up 16% to over 36,000, reaching almost 59,000 in Los Angeles County in 2019.

According to Dr, Borelli, “Los Angeles should serve as a warning sign to Americans that twisted Democrat priorities can deliver third-world results.”

Euell White