WHOA. This was my reaction to the first democratic debate. I was shocked by the freebies and assets they were so eagerly giving away. Free college...forgiving college loans...free $1,000 a month for everyone...open our borders to everyone...put everyone on Medicare including illegals. They pandered without explaining to the gullible what will be required of them, like sky-high taxes.

How long do you think the free stuff will last? Maybe one year or two? One candidate wants a 10% value added tax on everything you buy. That means extra car payments on car purchases and paying more than the item is worth. There are unintended consequences to all these outlandish proposals. Did you notice the absence of American Flags onstage for an American Presidential debate? Only a handful of debaters wore the American flag pin. One wonders what country they want to represent, especially since three of them spoke Spanish to the viewers.

Keep in mind that nothing is free...the democrats/socialists want full control of your life. There will be a distinct choice on election day. GIVE UP your freedoms versus KEEP your freedoms.

Kay Woodford