I have received campaign flyers from people who want my vote. Most of the flyers professed that the candidate was a Christian Conservative.  

I began to question the truthfulness of that statement because the flyers would also say something negative about the opponent.  

That led me to consider Rule 9 of God’s Top 10: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.  When a witness takes the stand in a Court of Law, he or she swears or avows that he or she will “…tell the truth, the whole truth,…”  

The author of the flyer may say, “I did not lie; it happened.”  I say read Rule 9 of 10 very carefully and show me the word lie. If a candidate that is willing to go against one of God’s Top 10 rules for his or her benefit, I have to wonder how far he or she will go against the will of the voters for his or her benefit. 

Vic Billingham