A popular movie, entitled, Back to the Future, was released over 30 years ago. This movie was about going back in time to correct something affecting the future. That ability is needed in Florence, Alabama. It would be nice to go back to when Florence was not under the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and bring it forward to today.

Twenty years ago there was a manufacturing firm located in Florence named Tee Jays. This firm prepared t-shirts and had as many as 1500 employees. Tee Jays was considered a good place to work and was locally-owned. This changed when our representatives in Washington D.C. passed NAFTA. With cheap labor in Mexico, the jobs at TeeJays went in that direction. NAFTA put Tee Jays out of business. One thing that did not change was the price of the merchandise even with cheap labor after it had left Florence. The manufacturing of furniture in North Carolina was also adversely affected by NAFTA.

I sure hope President Trump will take action to eliminate NAFTA or/and make major changes. If this is done, perhaps another Tee Jays will be back in business. The tariff war with China is something that should have been addressed years ago. Let’s keep the field level for firms in America and their employees. If this is done perhaps more manufacturing firms will open again in our country.

Bill Smoak