To the editor:

On his first day in office, Joe Biden with the stroke of a pen,  killed 11,000 direct  and 118,000 related jobs by stopping the Trans Canadian pipeline!  This is a staggering blow to every American at the gas pump as we are already seeing price hikes.  This is not even considering the damage to the U.S. economy and the devastation to the Northwest.

So, what is really going on here other than gutter politics? Remember the old adage, “.....follow the money”?   Well, it still applies. With the cancellation of the pipeline the only mode of transportation for crude is the rail line.  At present, the estimated daily production of the Bakken Oil field of North Dakota is 700,000 barrels per day!  All railroads connecting Canada and the northern U.S. border are owned exclusively by Berkshire Hathaway which is owned by super billionaire (& major Democratic contributor) Warren Buffett!

Much of the public do not realize that about $30/barrel of crude oil cost is transportation-when hauled by rail.  That drops to about $10/barrel when delivered by pipeline.   Do the math. With a functioning pipeline in place, Warren Buffett is losing about $2 Billion a year!  Now, it doesn’t take rocket science to see how an elected Demo is going to “take care” of his super fund raiser contributor friend!  And who will pay the tab (as usual) the American people and the U.S. economy!

Buffett is no fool and didn’t become one America’s wealthiest men making bad decisions. At its inception, Berkshire Hathaway actually purchased 22% of the Trans Canadian pipeline for $34 billion.

On the surface the primary opposition to the pipeline was potential damage to the environment as a result of leakage.   Yet, research indicates that the risk are much greater from spillage due to derailment than a pipe puncture!

James W. Anderson