In His Sunday July 21 Times Daily letter, Roger L. Tanner echoes the irrational allegations of the Democratic candidates and their lapdog media supporters, that the President’s desire to secure our border makes him a racist. Then Mr. Tanner in his “four principles for comprehensive immigration reform” suggests that we should only deport those with serious criminal records and devise way to citizenship for those law-abiding immigrants. Anyone who entered this nation without going through the lawful process has committed a crime and is a criminal.

Mr. Tanner also naïvely recommends that we can improve the living conditions in Central American countries and root out corruption. How can we do that? Certainly not by giving them money that would never get past the crooked dictators.

The only way we could change the condition in those countries would be to overthrow the dictators, and to use a popular adjective of the liberals that would be “un-American.”

Euell White