I was never a big fan of Joe Biden, nor did I vote for him. However, I actually find myself feeling sorry for a man who is being manipulated like a puppet. I think that it would be humiliating to be used as he is being used. Who is pulling the strings and manipulating him should be known to the American people. Who is actually making the decisions and policies that are affecting our country and our relationship with other countries? Who is behind the negotiations concerning Iran and who is determining our China policy?  Who is holding the key to our nuclear deterrent? Who is behind the building of fences around the Capital but not protecting the rest of us from the illegals that are storming our southern border?

Biden is closely controlled and everything he does and says is programed by someone. If he happens to mis-speak or accidentally say something that doesn’t make sense the liberal media is quick to cover it up and explain it away.

Even before the 2020 election the liberal media was so obsessed with getting rid of Trump that they were willing to cover up and even lie about candidates Biden and Harris. The liberal media went wild with false sex accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, however, they never mentioned or looked into the sexual accusations against Biden even though there was fairly conclusive evidence that they were true. Nor did they ever mention Kamala Harris using sex as a means of advancing her political career in California. She served as a mistress to Willie Brown, an older married man who was speaker of the California legislature. In return for her services he appointed her to positions which led to her political career in California. Brown dropped her and had his wife standing beside him when he became Mayor of San Francisco. A woman reporter, in an AP article, thought that Harris was a good example for girls who wanted to achieve in politics. How many people would want their daughters to prostitute themselves to further a political career?

One Australian source came out with an article stating just how phony our present presidential situation is. One wonders what other countries in Europe and Asia think about the big charade?

Norman L. Kramer