Dear sir,

All religions have central teachings and principles.  The “oneness of humanity” is the central principal of the Baha’i Faith.  This principle is the one around which all other of its teachings revolve, and has led to over one hundred years of effort on the part of the Baha’is to develop this understanding within our own community and to bring to human awareness the oneness of the human family.

America has a central place in the development of this necessary world-wide understanding.  If we ignore the racism that is a part of our own history, then we and the world with us are exposed to “physical, moral, and spiritual danger”.  Viewed through this lens, the present derangement of our society is a long overdue reckoning with what the unity of humanity really means for us and for our future as a human race.

There is no other country which can be seen as a microcosm of the diverse populations of the earth.  No other country can demonstrate the value and 

benefits of overcoming racism and truly moving forward as a united society. Baha’is understand this as the mission that has been given to the United States by the one God of the universe, and one that will bring spiritual and material prosperity to our people.

If we understand these important concepts, we can solve many of our long-standing social problems.  It does, however, require laying aside our prejudices and coming to terms with a history that has delayed our material and spiritual development as a nation.

Jacqueline Osborne