Did anyone else have a problem with coverage of the recent Jimmy John’s donation in Mayor Holt’s weekly email from February 20, 2020 (and featured in the Courier Journal March 4)? 

The local Jimmy John’s a made $500 donations to the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Services for animal adoptions and Chloe’s Fund to help with animal medical bills.  That is good for local animals, and it’s also good advertising for his business. However, this is a franchise of the parent company owned by Jimmy John Liautaud who is an avid exotic animal trophy hunter. Do a brief search of the internet to see the love Mr. Liautaud has for animals and his senseless kills. I have boycotted Jimmy John’s since learning of his murderous, trophy hunting.  I do not understand how the local franchisee can be an animal lover and be in business with an exotic trophy hunter.  It is so hypocritical.

Steve Daniel



Editor’s Note:  

It should be noted that Jimmy John Liautaud has not been involved with Jimmy Johns since the company bought him out in 2018 precisely for that reason.  The local franchise owner, Matt Kritzer, does not share Mr. Liautaud’s philosophy, and neither does the new leadership at Jimmy John’s corporate.  Kritzer’s donation and associated local work with animals should help demonstrate that.