The past five years have been turbulent politically in this country to say the least! We have endured the most maverick of elected Presidents that triggered the most divisive political atmosphere in our nation since Richard Nixon!   

Like him or hate him,  whether you voted for Donald Trump for President or not, you must admit after the week’s Supreme Court decision on abortion we have a Trump legacy!  Trump ran on a platform of bringing the country back to a more center or moderation in political leadership. A key part of this reform was changing the philosophy and leadership decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court by appointing justices who believed and acted conservatively.  Roe V Wade of 1973 legalizing abortion was the flash point of conservative politics. Since its inception, there have been 62,542,904 legal abortions in the U.S-that is more than 3,500 per day! How ironic that it has turned out to be that the liberals were successful in hounding Donald Trump from office and yet, six months after he left office the Court has fulfilled his vision and promise by effectively rendering abortion  virtually impossible-not totally illegal, but in effect accomplishing the same end.

Trump and the conservatives knew that an outright “yes or no” on the abortion issue could not pass the Court. So, the Texas decision was an indirect back door approach that worked.

The liberals no longer have to contend with President Donald Trump, but they will have to live with his legacy.

James W. Anderson