Joe Biden, 46th president of the United States will go down in infamy as the person who surrendered America to our enemy and presided over the greatest military disaster in US history.   Yes, we needed to exit, but with honor and watching conditions on the ground.  Americans  and our allies are disgusted with the state department, national security council, the woke generals, and president.  They had no plan or contingency plan...only tunnel vision to exit quickly so by the anniversary of 9/11 they could have a victory for ending this long war.   Instead, they have started another war in the near future.  Who in their right mind would pull all of our troops out in the middle of the night and callously leave Americans and the Afghans that risked their lives to help us, as well as billions of sophisticated military equipment, from night vision goggles to helicopters, planes, guns and uniforms that will be be used against us later. So sickening to see the Taliban parading in American uniforms and guns.  They are jubilant ....they have defeated the great Satan....death to America!

Our so-called leaders allowed 13 of our brave young troops and 15 injured to be blown up by a suicide bomber they knew was coming.  They have put trust in the Taliban while other terrorists groups are gathering in Afghanistan.   On TV we saw the grim optic while waiting for the White House to comment on the soldiers killed ...darkness, heavy rain, thunder and lightning over the White House.

I wonder if Biden still has control of the nuclear football?  This guy could blow up the world!   Do you find his administration eerily similar to the Obama team?   Same people who have been promoted, same ideology, trying to bring America down.   Sadly this isn’t a blunder ....it’s their plan.   And who is the puppet master commanding Biden?  The state department will continue to use weakness and appeasement to deal with the enemy, even if we get attacked again.

From now on, only the strongest that love America need to be our leaders.  No more hiding in the basement, behind a mask, or hiding who you really are.  America will rise again, but it’s going to be a struggle.

Kay Woodford