What a world we live in, where men find new and ingenious ways to destroy one another.  It makes the promise of God to the faithful in Rev. 21: 3-5 that much more anticipated.  ...He will wipe away every tear, there will be no death, no mourning, no crying, no pain...

It seems to me inconsistent with logic that a single man or the bureaucracy that runs him could conceivably make decisions appropriate to the local community.  It is a prideful man who declares himself the holder of true knowledge to the exclusion of all other voices.  We have many sources of information from which to seek knowledge, although it is exceedingly difficult these days to find the truth of the day.  A great many experts exist on both sides of our current quandary, but we only hear one side in the mandate.

How is it right to deprive a family of their sustenance when their only crime is listening to all expertise and deciding what risks they accept and what risks they do not accept.  Under normal circumstances, all of the intended therapeutics would be viable.

From what we know, the vaccines do not prevent disease nor the transmission of it.  Rather it reduces the severity.  The same can be said of other therapeutics that are opposed by those in “authority” - those who have taken it upon themselves to rule 

over us.  In a time when we should be exploring all possibilities to support God’s creation and the support of His design for the body to handle invasion, our “rulers” are trying to lock us into one potential solution.

Our freedom is on the precipice of history, and our states have apparently lost their will to wield their authority. We find ourselves in a position where a single politician, or a puppet on strings, can take a man’s livelihood from him and deprive his family of the fruit of his labor, even if he works from his own home.  Such a mandate is evil and should be refused by one and all. 

Jason Howton