To the Editor:

After hearing a radio interview with State Senator, Tim Melson, on May 9, I would like to make the following point:

A sizeable population in our state cannot afford to see a doctor (let alone two doctors involving multiple visits, treatments, evaluations, mandatory drug tests, etc. that the new medical marijuana legislation requires). Many are proud people who would not demand government help. Neither would they take on a debt or obligation knowing in advance they would not be able to pay the money owed.

To espouse all the benefits of medical marijuana as he has on the radio, and then to support existing law that makes criminals of the poor (i.e. forbidding them their God-given right to grow a plant naturally to self-medicate), is conceivably a violation of the oath you took as a medical doctor: “Do no harm.”

Therefore, that strikes me as being hypocritical. If you sincerely believe you are advocating for the common good by maintaining a position against decriminalization, SURELY you would be equally as adamant about criminalizing recreational alcohol, the more dangerous drug.

But, he is NOT.

Melson should stand up for the poor, support decriminalization, and the liberties of everyone, and stop being a hypocrite.

J. Anthony