Conventions Sports and Leisure International (CSLI) projects that the Lauderdale County Agriculture Event Center will generate $31 million for the economy. THEY’RE WRONG!! It will generate $62 million. I have as much stock in the projection as they do. They do not guarantee these results, and they won’t be held responsible if the goal isn’t met. Government projects rarely attain 80% of their projections. So, what assurances do we have from CSLI as well as our local representatives perpetuating the claims? If the project is going to generate all that revenue, why do we need tax extensions that never seem to go away because the revenues don’t materialize as projected?

Furthermore, if TVA in-lieu-of-tax money can be rechanneled for unproven projects, then my power rates are way too high. Shouldn’t utilities be covering costs and creating reserves for POWER projects that will provide low rates to encourage development? Since when did TVA get into the business of economic development? Isn’t that the job of our government?

How many of our grand schemes that we’ve financed with some form of tax have been rescinded because the project was a financial success?

If we want economic development in the area, get an interstate highway. Otherwise, quit wasting my tax dollars. If you think we can’t get an interstate, maybe you’re not the person for the job.

Robert Seaman