A missile attack was launched by Iran against our base in Iraq on January 8, 2020.  It was the largest missile attack against Americans in our history.  Through our intelligence, the US military was aware of the upcoming attack.  A military decision was made to wait until minutes before the attack to move our military personnel and planes from the base.  This was hidden from Iran.  The base was wiped out by the attack.  After the attack, President Trump stated that sanctions against Iran would be increased and “all is well.” 

I do not understand why we did not strike against the missiles as they were being loaded.  It appears the necessary weapons to defend our troops were not available or were not used.  A year after the attack more than 100 service men and women have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries caused by concussions sustained during the attack.  

I do not agree that “all is well!”  If our country is not going to defend our service men and women, it is time to bring them home.  My letter to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs has gone without a reply.

Bill Smoak