Dear Editor:

I know your readers are getting tired of hearing me whistle UNA’s tune, so I’ll be brief. The proposal for a multi-events stadium for UNA ought to be pursued to reality! Furthermore, let’s build it on campus (off Pine Street) where it can be seen and where it can be a daily part of university life. I’ve seen the drawings for it. This is one splendid-looking facility. We don’t want to “hide it” at the ECM site.

The city of Florence and specifically UNA’s campus are among the most beautiful and idyllic places in Alabama. Add downtown Tuscumbia and you’ve got a winner! Rogers, Colby and Wesleyan halls are among the most historically significant structures in the Tennessee Valley. A 10,000 to 12,000 seat stadium will be a gem on the west side of campus. It could handle all sorts of events: football, soccer, and maybe someday even lacrosse, along with graduation ceremonies and concerts. Your children and grandchildren could be graduating there someday!

I know we have to set priorities because space is limited. Not everyone will be satisfied with the decisions that are made. Still, we have to prepare for the future. Years ago, when I was in service overseas, I met a politician from Alabama who was touring the Republic of Vietnam at the time. When he asked me where I was from, I told him, “Florence”. He replied, “Lauderdale County, the most beautiful place in the state.” He was right. Let’s keep it that way.

Thomas L. Ponder