The CDC has now said that we who have been vaccinated do not have to wear a mask inside or outside with the exception of services like public transportation and hospitals. In a sense we have been manipulated, used, and abused by the government from all levels. 

We have rolled over and taken every bit of it without even a whimper. At first, we were told by Dr. Fauci not to wear a mask. Why? Maybe he didn’t want to scare the Chinese Communist Party and the people in charge of the Wuhan lab, where investigators think the CCP or Wuhan virus started. 

We now find out that Dr. Fauci had a great deal to do with establishing and funding the Wuhan lab. He certainly made the Chinese military happy. Just look at all of the trillions we have spent because of what they did. 

We are broke and having to borrow money from the Chinese and others to pay for all this reckless spending. May the good Lord help us all. 

Tom Jones       Bill Jones