Years ago I read The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis.  It was written through the filter of “evil is good” in order to convey how an experienced devil mentors an apprentice devil in fouling up good and godly lives.  C.S. Lewis admitted that it was a difficult story to write because trying to see through a devil’s eye and then to reason with a devil’s motive was unnatural to him as a Christian.

I wonder how easy it was for the authors of a Time Magazine article to write The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.  It basically says that there was a structured plan and effort to make sure that Joe Biden won.  

It claims that it was done for the good of democracy.  It names names and organizations.  It claims that there was a networked plan for there to be uprisings in the streets if necessary to get Biden his presidency.

The article’s main truth is that the process of Biden’s victory was shady by calling it a Shadow Campaign.  After that, truth is mixed into the article’s text only to prop up a lie.  If anything, it may help to pinpoint who decided on election night that vote-counting would be stopped in the swing states.

According to my hopes and beliefs regarding the 2020 election, I am citing another article as a counterclaim to Time’s Shadow Campaign article.  It is found at RedState.com and is called The Continuing Democrat - Media Narrative That There Is “No Evidence of Election Fraud” Is A Bald - Faced Lie.  I think this article in RedState is written by Stu Cvrk.  It references other documents such as Peter Navarro’s three part series on the evidence of the stolen election.  These are called Volume I:  The Immaculate Deception, Volume II:  The Art of the Steal, and Volume III:  Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts.  There is also a red-lettered reference to all the lawsuits against the fraudulent activity - “an extensive list of lawsuits.”

At American Thinker, americanthinker.com, there are articles by a professional fraud - buster named Jay Valentine.  He cites evidence regarding the stolen election.  His first article pertaining to the shady business that cheated President Trump of his reelection, was Never Bring a Republican to a Street Fight.  By this he does not refer to Donald Trump but to Republicans such as Mitch McConnell.

Remember, Truth is Light, - ready, willing and able to charge into the shadowy darkness and illuminate lies as lies and to provide clarity of vision.  Let the Light shine as Truth marches on. 

Floyd Jones