Turn on the TV and all you will see is something about race. There is a white race, a black race,  and the human race. Oops, we are all part of that one, right? The God in Heaven that we worship made no mistakes when he made us. He made some of us black, some brown, some white, some red (at least that is what we call the Indians). He also gave each of us a portion of common sense but a lot of us do not use it to the fullest.  Some of us chose to get an education, some chose to remain uneducated. That is a choice one has to make for oneself.  We are what we choose to be. You have no right to blame others for what happens to you as long as you do not challenge them. 

Please do not tell me you have very little in life just because you were deprived  or denied. I grew up in what we called “hard times” as many others did. I could have chosen to  accept poverty and blame the world for failure. I walked side by side with black children who were equal to me in their position in life. The only difference was the unfair way they were treated simply because they were black.  God is no respecter of people. He tells us that in His Word. And yet, we have done the opposite of that. We ask God to forgive us when we make mistakes, but we are not willing to forgive our brothers when they err. 

Martin Luther King spent much of his life trying to teach the world how we must treat each other if we ever had hope of being united. However, for some reason,  there are those of the African American race  who still choose to be divided. They choose to attend their own, Black only, schools. In my home town of Huntsville Alabama there are two Black universities and only one White university. If they truly want integration then why not just the one school for all? 

Facts: College football and basketball and professional football, Major League Baseball, and Professional Basketball  are all predominantly black. There are black doctors(Ben Carson ) black lawyers, black members of congress, even a black president of the United States. So, how can you tell me you live in a racist  country? It is so very unfair that the whole Black  population is being led down the Primrose Path by those who would lie to them , those same people who themselves are Racists, some who were even members of the KKK. Please don’t let people in high places tell you how to live your life.  Your president Joe Biden fought as hard as he possibly could to stop Clarence Thomas (a black man) from being on the Supreme Court.  Was that racist? It is on film if you want to see it.

My wife and I , along with many others from this area, campaigned for Doctor Ben Carson  when he ran for president in 2016. I would truly love to see him as the leader of this country.

David Hollingsworth