Prenatal Americans were in the news the other day. Congress was discussing the gruesomeness of their abortion in hopes of legislating when it is acceptable to kill babies and when it is not. Congressman Lindsey Graham actually referred to some of the babies as anomalies. This means abnormal. The aborted-anomalous carry with them a grievance to the throne of heaven that is being heard.

That which is truly abnormal is the fact that we are reducing human beings to “anomalies.” For being so, they are sacrificed on the altar of choice. America’s choice lately has been to breed like rabbits and then to exterminate the brood like roaches. The real anomaly is in our departure from the divine likeness of the image in which we were created.

Legislating legitimacy, appropriateness, or morality into abortion is not an option. Rather, God will judge us for our refusal to abide by the Word of his moral authority over us. We will understand then that our undaunted rebellion is over. It’s better to volunteer for this judgment sooner than to wait for the default judgment that comes with our funeral.

Floyd Jones, Jr.