So the truth has finally raised its head. All this information was on Facebook, but it was immediately removed. That is why it is being sent to the Courier Journal. Other papers would never print it. 

All that we are seeing take place today began in 2015 when Obama set into play a long drawn-out plan to get Hillary Clinton elected. With the help of the Justice Department, he set Hillary up by having a foreign entity offer her an $18 million bribe, which she accepted. This was done to make Hillary obliged to do Obama’s bidding while in office. There was a person involved in the bribe who has come forward to tell how this thing came about. He is Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock. 

However, something happened that Obama did not expect: Donald Trump got elected. So they had to start over with a way to destroy Trump.  In 2018 a plan was put into action to steal the election from Trump. They were successful, and got Joe Biden elected. Now Joe Biden is indebted to Obama and the next four years will be Obama’s third term.  He has already started signing into law all those things that Obama wanted. It is a shame that we the people have to live under a government that would be so corrupt.

You may doubt the validity of this information if you wish; that is your choice. The information given by this Mr. Byrne creates speculation as with a lot that is written these days. But, just suppose it really did happen as he said. Would it make you stop and think about what is happening right now in America? And who is going to investigate to find the truth?  The Justice Department?

David Hollingsworth