As the $1.25 million project progresses on a five-mile stretch of State Highway 17 north of Cox Creek in Florence, it doesn’t seem to be addressing improvements to intersections which would greatly improve traffic flow. Examples include intersection with ‘left turn’ traffic signals that do not have left turn lanes. These impede traffic. Another is a ‘right turn’ lane from Kendall northbound to Highway 17.

In the more than 30 years I have been asking the question, I have yet to receive an answer as to why some at intersections with similar traffic counts or on downtown city of Florence streets it is acceptable to turn left on the green when traffic permits, - that is, no oncoming traffic? However, at other locations, especially on state routes, traffic must wait for the signal arrow before turning left. Some of the worst locations are on Cox Creek Pkwy in front of the Mall, and turning left onto Helton under the overpass from Florence Blvd.

It must be presumed these decisions on the way the Alabama DOT spends money and regulates traffic flow is done by some bureaucrat in Montgomery throwing darts at a priority board and enjoying their “power” controlling traffic flow and the way highway funds are allocated in NW Alabama.

John Lee