To the Editor:

Watching the two political conventions, the contrast is striking. but the great divide emerged clearly in one phrase of the pledge of allegiance as recited by both camps: “ nation under God...” The Democrats left out, “under God.”

The “nation under God” concept was foundational to the USA.  It framed the quest of 

the settlers sailing from the Old World, crossing the Atlantic, wading ashore carrying their Bible, kneeling in prayer and committing this land to God at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

Many who came later were also seeking a place to freely worship God.  The ideal of this being a nation under God continued through the struggles of the colonies, the horrors of the Revolution and in the minds of our leaders as they wrote the Bible-informed Constitution and began to govern this new political entity. Even as the Civil War raged over slavery, the basic concept was retained.  The South, at that time however, wanted there to be two nations under God.

The “nation under God” concept is the contested barricade over which the current ideological civil war is being fought. The Republicans want us to continue as a nation under God; the Democrats want to fundamentally change us into a nation under Secularism/Socialism/Marx...anyone but God. We are in a conflict over who we are, our essential identity as a nation, and where we want that vision to take us.

Democrats view Donald Trump as not only impeding their obsessive drive for power but he also looms large in their minds as representing the “nation under God” principle–which designates God as the empowering One in whom we trust. For them, that’s too much. A spiritual reaction erupts, the kind that adamantly rejects the God of our Fathers and is determined to eliminate His influence from every aspect of our government and culture. Their relentless activism is already displaying tragic results. Our national moral compass has been so compromised it’s useless. 

Almost everything Democrats touch now turns into disgusting disaster with sickening human impact.

We do well to think soberly about what we are bringing on ourselves, our children, and all who come behind us when we cast our vote. We are accountable for every choice we make. If we don’t get out in strength and vote Biblical values, expect unbiblical values to be imposed upon us–and then we will have no choice. 

Richard Wilson