Slavery in America today has a new look. The immigrant children that were taken from their parents are being adopted out for fees to the rich in America. Thousands of children have been taken and the parents deported.

There were rumors about it being an adoption agency of a friend of a cabinet member. That was a rumor. The rest is true. These poor kids will never know who their parents are. They never hug their mother. Dad will not dangle them on his knees. This is brutal and cruel. And you condone it.

Close your eyes and ears,...and your mouth. When you put your child to bed tonight, you hug them tight and thank God for them. You are at fault for each child that cries at night for its mommy.

If you allow evil to flourish, you aren’t a good man. It makes us a worse nation under God...and God is watching to see what you do.

Linda Johnson