Percentages and rates add up to very small numbers when held up to the millions of innocent defenseless little lives snuffed out by unnecessary abortions. 

Applause to Alabama Law Makers for “Support of a Better Life” to these innocent little ones. Since The Maker of All Creation is the Giver and Taker of life, it would add to man’s intelligence to consider God’s thoughts and ways in this matter.  

It should be a horrifying thought to be at “the wrath of an Almighty God.”  However, that is exactly where we are as a nation. 

You might ask, “Why?” 

Because His Word is ever so clear about the taking of “innocent life.”  Those who don’t feel or think this way, will one day soon wish with every fiber in your being that you had.  

It is all about Him and His way.  Certainly not ours... Just take a look around.  

Jerry Duke