Remember how the liberal media thrived on the sexual accusations, lies, etc. that were printed and aired trying to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. It was played up big in the printed media and also on the liberal TV news programs. Women came out of the woodwork to back some of the women who were making accusations against him. Of course, it sold newspapers and increased viewership on the major liberal news broadcasts.

Where are all these people today? They have exposed Trump’s peccadillos, but for some reason are quiet about the sexual exploits of the Democrats nominees for president and vice president. Biden’s accuser has verifiable back up from others about nuzzling Joe’s actions. We have a vice presidential candidate who became the mistress of a California politician in order to get appointments in the California State Government and advance her career in politics.

Why is the liberal media not making the most of this? By delving into all this sexual deviation they could be increasing their readership and their viewership. So why the silence? 

Norman L. Kramer, Sr.