Last week’s letter from the South Carolina stranger (Red States to Secede) to Alabama citizens was seditious.  Shame on you for printing it and being a part of it.  

Alabama had people on the stage January 6 inciting the riot.   I am so embarrassed about that that I have trouble believing this is my home state.  Don’t we have enough on us right now as we bury our friends and family with Covid? Just stop it.  This language makes Alabama look ignorant and stupid. 

I predict sedition like this will cause us to lose the Space Force contract.  Who wants to work and do business with these crazy QAnons? Who wants to hear this crap of secession?  No one would invest here with that uncertainty.   

Please remove me from your mailing list.  I enjoy the paper, but not anymore after I read his letter.  

Now that I got this off my heart, I can get ready to bury another friend.  

Gayla Baker