To the Editor:

Springtime! This is the season so many have worked years for as they graduate from high school and college. I am sure many times you thought this day would never come. It is a bittersweet time mixed with anticipation of a new environment and a little sadness of saying goodbye to old friends and ways of the past.

Nevertheless, this day is why you set goals and you must now step out into the real world. So, have you considered how you will face the future, set entirely new objectives-set the course for the rest of your life? The many decisions made now will be difficult to change.

As you reflect back of some of the great American writers, recall analogy drawn comparing life to traveling a country road, of arriving at fork in the road; one path of difficulty, indecision, uncertainty and likely failure. The other equally accessible is a road of success, legitimate goals that will pay dividends for a lifetime. The question is obvious: which road will you take?

One of the most common symbols of strength and integrity is the American Eagle. Obviously, there is a reason for this comparison. The eagle is a unique bird that usually flies alone seeking its prey oblivious to other birds.

Perhaps the most impressive trait of the eagle is that as a storm approaches, it shapes its wings so as to take advantage of the storm winds, lifting it high above the violence of the turbulence until the storm subsides. In so arching its wings the eagle can glide in the currents, resting and saving its strength. All other birds seek shelter and are submissive to nature.

So new graduates, will you be an eagle in the storm, learning to soar above life’s storms, or will you become just a bird of the flock? The decision is yours, please make the most of it. Best wishes in your future!

James W. Anderson