Match for Leo III, Una

Una and Leo III

Dear UNA Alumni and Friends,

The University of North Alabama alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, and the Shoals community will celebrate the birthdate of Leo III and Una with a special giving day in the lions’ honor on Monday, November 18. By donating on Leo and Una Giving Day, you’re giving a gift to meet the greatest needs and priorities of the lions.

All care for the lions is privately funded. In giving a gift, you are partnering with us to take care of Leo III and Una. I respectfully invite you to consider joining me in making a gift to Leo III and Una.

A donor has generously offered to match every gift for Leo III and Una until we reach $10,000. This means that every gift given until we reach $10,000 is doubled!

If you would like to help us spread the word about Leo and Una Giving Day, please visit This page has social media graphics, sample posts, and emails for you to use.

Additionally, we thought you might enjoy this video all about our lions. Please feel free to share it as well!

Leo III and Una have a new website: Here you can learn about the history of Leo I and Leo II as well. You can view Leo III and Una daily on the Lion Cam, you can get answers to questions about our beloved lions, and much more.

Thank you for thoughtfully considering a gift of any amount to support Leo III and Una. Please know there are no insignificant gifts, and any amount will make a difference for Leo III and Una. Roar Lions!

Laura Hamner

University of North Alabama Coordinator of Annual Giving