A name change for the Courier Journal is not the issue.

I recently read Mr. Kerry Shapiro’s letter to the editor in October 28 Courier Journal suggesting a name change for the Journal. The names submitted to the editor included: “95% Right-Wing Rag, The 95% Right-Wing Fish Wrapper” and “The Chamber of Donald C. Trump Toilet Paper Rag.” Apparently, this tirade was prompted by the thought that the Journal leans right on occasion.

I also read the editorial page of the Courier Journal, and I have never considered the opinions to be slanted toward either conservative or liberal opinion exclusively.  All in all, I find the Journal to be well rounded, balanced and provocative from both sides of the political perspective. To most citizens this diversity of commentary is healthy, needed and welcomed.

What I did see coming through loud and clear in Mr. Shapiro’s attempt at levity in renaming the Journal is simply this – vilification of anything or anyone not in compliance with his chosen doctrines. 

He fell totally flat with his self-righteous, pompous, sophomoric renaming effort. Rather, what he did accomplish was a public reveal of rage clearly apparent, and barely beneath the surface. It seems anyone with an opposing view must be denigrated. The inane name change suggestions put forth for the editor’s consideration have only served to shine an exposing light on the fact that the very far liberal radical left does not occupy the moral high ground as they are prone to think they do.

Utilizing Mr. Shapiro’s logic, and if he could acknowledge that the rest of us are entitled to our own opinions, not just his, he would then be supportive of the following statement: For those of us who seek journalistic integrity, a lack of bias, and complete honesty in reporting, a change of name for the New York Times and the Washington Post is clearly indicated.

Judy Prater