Donald Trump loved America greatly, but he loved himself more. 

A man who had made a legion of enemies, mostly for all the right reasons, his unbounded self-absorption at last made him his own worst enemy. 

And in so doing, tragically, Trump became the unwitting foe of the very cause he zealously set out to befriend the American cause.

Until in the end, by no one’s doing but his own, Donald Trump proved more of a liability than an asset to the movement, the party, and the nation that had placed their trust in him.

So the 45th President‘s exit from power a few weeks ago was needful and right. It was, in fact, imperative. 

For the good of the country, I as a lifelong Republican, conservative, and patriot, a devoted son of the heartland, earnestly hope the exit is irreversible and final. Begone, sir.

It’s time to turn the page on Donald Trump, America. Let us hold on to what was good in his presidency, have done with what was bad, learn from both, dig deep for what still binds us together as one people, and go forward to better times. 

For better times are still within our grasp. Our destiny as Americans, one nation under God, indivisible, is still ours to shape. Do we have what it takes? I’m convinced we do.

John Andrews, Editor 

Backbone America

Centennial, CO

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