In February 2020, China sent the world a gift

It was really mean

We opened up a lethal virus

Better known as Covid-19.


We were told it wasn’t serious

Like the Flu, it would just go away

Over 90,000 people in the US have died

This is just the month of May.


Nursing Homes were hit very hard

On family could no longer rely

All alone and helpless

Many of them would die.


March we had a global shut down 

Unemployment at all time high

We were told if we open back up

Thousands more would die.


We know we must go to work

We should do what they ask

Stay six feet apart

Never forget your mask.


If you think it is a conspiracy

Just another political fight

Are you willing to risk your family

Just to prove you are right.


Covid-19 doesn’t know if you are 

republican or democrat

It really doesn’t care

It has no respect for anyone

It will strike anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Take the Covid-19 very serious

It will not go away

Until we find the right vaccine

Covid-19 is here to stay.


Little children were immune

That’s what doctors told us at the start

Now they find they were wrong

Covid-19 is targeting children’s hearts.


Parents keep your children home

Your little ones are counting on you

Not because you were ordered 

Because it’s the right thing to do.


2020 will go down in history

As the darkest year we have ever seen

The year China blindsided the world

With the gift of Covid-19.


Only God knows what lies ahead

We know he has a plan

No matter how dark it may seem

Cling to his unseen hand


Barbara Casteel